Farmers are working with constant changes in demands in the milk quality. The latest challenge is to produce milk without traces of Chlorine or Chlorades residue. This demand has been driven by the powder milk sector as they are now looking for milk to be Chlorine free.

Traditionally, Chlorine has been used a cheap and effective cleaner and sanitizer in pipelines and bulk tanks in every dairy farm across the country. So, trying to find a detergent that both sanitizes and cleans that is chlorine free as well as tackling hard water and caustic reaction can be difficult. However, Fourtress has stepped up to this challenge by developing Dairy CIP.

Dairy CIP is a sophisticated Chlorine Free liquid detergent for circulation and bulk tank cleaning. It has a unique formulation that contains a high strength caustic which is blended with Anti-Scale Deposition Agents. This blend helps to prevent hard water and caustic reaction. The high strength caustic reacts with fat to form a soap, in a process called Saponification.  As more butterfat is destroyed within the wash, the more wetting agent or soap is created to help with the cleaning process.

It also contains chelating agents to further prevent scale deposition during the wash and aid dissolution of existing scales.  It should be the liquid caustic detergent of choice in hard water areas and where chlorine residues are an issue.

Dairy CIP is a great alternative to chlorinated caustic and is another example of how Fourtress is stepping up to tackle the challenges facing dairy farmers today.

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